The Uzbekistan Cybersport Association has a new president

ARCRED, the sole cybersport organization of Uzbekistan and a multiple champion
in various competitions, is lead by Dzhuraev D.M., who is also a new president of
the Uzbekistan Cybersport Association (UCA). At the moment teams are in a
bootcamp in Ukraine.

The UCA was founded in 2017, and was initially lead by Zaurkhan Aliyev.

Today the Cybersport Association successfully cooperates with many other
organizations, such as the Federation of Computersports of Russia, the AeSF and
the IeSF.

The national cybersport team of Uzbekistan participates in official annual
championships with the support of the IeSF.
In the near future, Uzbekistan plans on organizing e-sport tournaments for the CIS
countries and Europe. In addition, The UCA intends to ensure the participation of
our e-sport players at the international tournaments and form a structure
consisting of provincial, regional and club bodies that will be geographically well

“It is necessary to support the youth of Uzbekistan and create all the conditions for
the development and growth of the field of e-sport”, – noted the President of the
Association Dzhuraev Doniyor.