development of Cybesport in Uzbekistan, President of the UCA Donier Juraev

met the representatives of the embassy of Uzbekistan in Ukraine, the First

Secretary and the Head of the consulate Ibragimov Bakhodir Yuldashevich and

the Commerce Advisor Rasulov Babur Zakirovich. As a result of the meeting, the

Memorandum on establishment and development of e-sport infrastructure was

signed by both parties.

The memorandum aims that the parties will

• Help each other in holding and organizing of the official competitions and

mutual events;

• Mutually recognize sports categories, titles and rankings of athletes, promote

the strongest athletes and teams in

official competitions of Ukraine and Uzbekistan without discrimination;

• Promote the creation and development of the e-sport infrastructure on the

territories of Ukraine and the Republic of Uzbekistan;

• Engage in cooperation and affiliation to this agreement of the official national

organizations of computer sports in other countries;

• Post information about the activities of the parties in their media;

• Provide each other with methodological developments and information, invite

representatives of both sides to the conferences on organizational and

methodological issues, give all the necessary consultations and clarifications.