with Uzbekistan Cybersport Association which aims to support the cybersport

development among youth.
The cooperation between the parties shall encompass the support and
development of student e-sports in Uzbekistan as a part of the international
sports movement, promote sports and information culture in student
environment, establish and develop relations with domestic and foreign
universities, and implement joint projects in the field of e-sports.
The creation of Uzbekistan Cyber Cup (UCC) within the framework of the
partnership is an important step towards the development of e-sports in
Uzbekistan, which will not only give a system-forming impetus to the
development of the e-sports community in Uzbekistan, but also provide
opportunities for young talents. The aim of the project is to organize and conduct
tournaments in cybersport disciplines among university students, to assist in the
popularization of student cybersport and the development of its types.
As the organizers of the tournament, the Uzbekistan Cybersport Association
(UCA) will provide a professional level tournament and pave the way for student
teams at international level.